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Suzanne Punch

Wrap Stretching
Mounted Silk Paintings
Triptychs / Quadriptychs
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Since 1984, Suzanne Punch has been pushing the boundaries of
the ancient medium of painting on silk. Bringing a fine art sensibility to 
the interaction of dyes and resists on silk has become a mission, 
opening up new possibilities of painterly expression. 
Work is seen across the United States, in England and Japan,
in gallery, private and museum settings.
Wearables are in boutiques specializing in artists' creations for the body.

Teaching intensive workshops has become part of the work to engage more artists to see their own potential on silk.
Formats for paintings on silk:
Paintings stretched on wooden supports just as paintings on canvas are mounted.
An acid-free fabric layer is between the wood and the silk.
Paintings are also mounted on prepared canvas with additional acrylic paint extending 
the imagery of the silk.

Banners  are usually for very large paintings that are site specific.
At the Oyster Point Hotel in Redbank, NJ; two side-by-side panels are 36' long with acrylic rods at the top and bottom.
All commissions are typically preceded by a small mock-up of the final painting to give an indication of composition and color palette.
Art for the Body  
(as well the eye, the mind, and the spirit) 
in the form of scarves and capes:

                 Liberty House   2878 Broadway at 112th Street
                                                New York, NY  10025

                                      Photo by Sheila Walsh



  Photos by Buck Creamer