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Pushing the boundaries of this ancient medium since 1984 and bringing a fine art sensibility
to the interaction of dyes and resist on silk.
Now opening up new possibilities of painterly expression.

Work has been exhibited across the US,
in England and Japan in gallery, private
and museum settings.











The Mendocino Art Center:

June 20-25

Two 3-day Workshops

More information coming!

Workshop at Artful

in Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

planning in progress 

Watch for confirmation and dates in July

The Silk Painters International Festival

at Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft

in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

September 29-October 4

Updated Imagery on Silk Class- 2 Days


We all have work that was completed but isn’t as pleasing as we had hoped for.

Here’s the basic fact: There’s no such thing as a bad silk painting, only an unfinished one!

Together, we will learn multiple techniques for expanding the impact of a painting, steamed or not. Color coordination, textures and layered imagery are among the options as Suzanne gives you in her caring view of your previous work, respecting all your efforts already made. 

New possibilities and greater creativity await.



Moths and Butterflies on Silk Class- 2 Days


Long a favorite addition to botanical images, here are the best ways to bring moths and butterflies to your silk paintings. With images, templates and dye thickener provided, techniques will be shared for adding depth and dimensionality to your work. The principles of good composition are always the starting point. Enjoy the harmonized colors and new effects possible. Additional techniques with thickened dye and stenciling will be offered. Expand your range of creation with both inspiration and technical support. New life to your paintings on silk!


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